About the Journal

Journal for Quality in Women’s Health is journal published by Midwefery Education Program Institut Ilmu Kesehatan STRADA Indonesia. This journal contains the science of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, periods of interval and regulation of fertility, climacterium and menopause, newborn and toddlers, human reproductive functions as well as providing support to women, families and communities.

JQWH (Journal for Quality in Women’s Health) is a reputable Indonesian health journal dedicated to the field of healthcare. Launched in 2012 by IIK STRADA INDONESIA, JQWH serves as a platform for disseminating original research papers, scientific articles, and case reports that have not been previously published in any other media. The journal encompasses a wide range of health-related topics, reflecting its commitment to fostering advancements in various areas of the healthcare domain.

JQWH follows a biannual publication schedule, with new issues released in march and september every year. Each edition comprises a collection of 10 well-curated articles, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive exploration of contemporary healthcare issues. To cater to a broader audience and encourage international collaboration, JQWH is published in English , thereby promoting the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and ideas in the healthcare realm. With its steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation in the health field, JQWH remains a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, and academicians seeking to contribute to advancing healthcare in Indonesia and beyond.